Psilocybe Mushroom

  • Respected as a safe and natural healing sacrament for millennia through-out Mexico, Central America and the World.
  • Beneficial for depression and recidivism.
  • Encourages openness, creativity and spiritual growth.
  • John Hopkins: Top 5 most meaningful experiences.
  • UCLA & NYU: Treating end-of-life anxiety.


  • From Central Africa through Gabon, iboga is revered for initiatory rites of passage involving encounters with ancestors from the spirit realm
  • Beneficial for treatment-resistant opiate and methamphetamine addiction


  • Over 75 indigenous groups in the Amazonian basin respect ayahuasca as a sacred “plant teacher” 
  • Beneficial for depression, addiction, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Ayahuasca treatment in Brazilian prison population reduces recidivism
  • Benefits creativity, openness, and spiritual growth


  • Honored as sacred plants for thousands of years throughout the Americas
  • Central to traditional religious and healing practices
  • Considered a sacrament in the Native American Church
  • Beneficial for the treatment of alcoholism