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Wonderful News Friends and Family!

Decriminalize Nature SLC is building a docu-series on entheogens for our community to utilize for the de-stigmatization of these plants and medicines as our different teams press forward in their respective cities and states throughout the United States and Utah.

If you are interested in sharing testimony and being interviewed, we would love to have you share your story with us. The process would look like us scheduling an interview over zoom and having your share how and why you got involved with plant medicine, how they've assisted you in your growth as a human being and reconnected you to your roots, we would also like to know which of the medicines benefited your the most and why.

Please reach out through direct message if you have the desire to participate and we can get connected. This would/will be a huge resource to our community for municipal councils and also the national conversation when we begin to really ramp up that campaign.

We have a professional and wonderful cinematographer who has volunteered his time and energy, and is excited to donate the videos to the Decriminalize Nature organization/team worldwide for us to use all around the globe.

We will be tackling topics such as:

Terminal Illness

Community Development
Personal Empowerment

If anyone has any other topics to suggest, we welcome your input and welcome to you to the conversation as we build and develop this for our platform of decriminalization here in the Utah and donate it to the national movement.

Much love fam!

"Forward, never straight."

With love,

Demetri Vallejos
Executive Director
Decriminalize Nature | Utah

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"H.B. 167 would create a task force to "provide evidence-based recommendations on any psychotherapy drug that the task force determines may enhances psychotherapy when treating mental illness." It defines "psychotherapy drug" as "a controlled substance" that "is not currently available for legal use" but "may be able to treat, manage, or alleviate symptoms from mental illness."


BUT - What about the indigenous cultures that have been faithful stewards of these plants and medicines for thousands of years without the need for Western Allopathy?

Humans have evolved with Sacred Plants, Fungi, and Cacti for millenia without the need for recommendations or task forces to "determine use or efficacy "

Why do we need them now?

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Westwood Denver covering the ballot initiative taking place in Colorado!

Way to go Colorado!

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