It’s like a faucet –

This entire experience and dream of flowing with nature is beautiful. We are but fragments of the Universe, and in that life’s heart. Nature’s Bosom.
The Plants and Fungi that bless this planet are garrisons for support as we bloom as a species and recognize our divine birthright as part of mother nature herself, that is self-actualizing in the moment.

The edge of creation.

It is a theory of mine that the universe or our understanding of it will never cease to expand because the human mind will never cease to imagine.

Psychedelics and the beauty that is contained therein and the sacred quest that we are all on, and I say we trusting that each of you know who you are.
The silent warriors of Mother Nature.
Our support will bloom like algae. It will spread like the mycelial networks of the forrest that we study.

It will pave the way for our communities to recognize the sacred blueprint and principle of “as above, so below.”

It is here that we desire to create and embellish the entheogenic warrior of our time within our community and create the platform for our community to speak up and own their voice, own their opinion on the benefits of entheogens within our communities. The need and the nature of them.

#DecriminalizeNature has created an open-source platform for the refining of our relationship to nature itself. We need to replenish, reestablish and reinforce our true sacred relationship to nature herself as a broader society and community.

It is time that we as a society come to recognize the evolution of society and what is and has been upon us.

We evolved from two into many as a species. Our genetic blueprint and our connection to nature is blessed upon our own realization and the (re)integration of these entheogenic medicines into our society.

Society is ready for our reestablished connection back to the Earth, in a healthy and organized way that blends different communities for the diverse purpose of manifesting change and learning to own our place amongst our greater communities.

We welcome you, Salt Lake City, to the making of history within our community.

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